About Us

Most successful adults are not as prepared for retirement as they need to be.

At RetirementDNA, we decode the mystery of retirement planning by clearly laying out the building blocks of financial wellness.

What we provide

A clear and transparent perspective on complex financial life decisions, with strategies to optimize financial wellness and support employers and employees in preparing for all of life’s events. At Retirement DNA, we are dedicated to decoding the jargon and complexity of retirement planning.

The problem we solve

Lack of financial education leads to reduced financial wellness long-term. Our simple, well-thought-out retirement planning solutions can bring peace of mind to our clients and their employees. Financial education is tied to financial wellness, and financial wellness can lead to comprehensive well-being.

Our difference

We offer solutions for both business owners and young professionals just starting out to map out their financial futures. Our proprietary Retirement Plan Audit can uncover opportunities for you and your employees to be better prepared for the retirement you’ve always imagined.

Our Mission

Our mission is to decode the jargon of retirement planning and create opportunities for people to retire the way they’ve always dreamed.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which financial wellness is as much a part of the everyday discussion as what’s for lunch.

Our Values

We are trustworthy, experienced, and clear.  We also know how to be creative to get you where you need to go.  Setting the right goals requires listening and adapting.

Our Trusted Relationships


Our Trusted Relationships